Top 10 Home Based Business Ideas in India

home based business ideas

There are many barriers that hinder your entrance into the business. You may not have enough time. Other possible hindrances can be the lack of money, skills, education, time, resources, support, partners, tools, equipment, the internet, experience and so on. If you have strong desire to work, these thing won’t restrict you from entering into business. There are many home based business ideas that you can start up easily overcoming all these barriers.

To start many types of home based ideas, you don’t need many resources. You can choose one of them that suits the best for you. Although, you don’t have time and you are busy in household work then you can start when you are free. Many businesses don’t require above mentioned resources to start. What you don’t have will limit your boundary to work. But start looking at what you have. Have you got hands to work? Legs to move? Eyes to see? Brain to use?

To begin a home based business, you can use anything. It may be your room, unused things, childhood clothes, kitchen or anything. You can start from small and minor things from your home to start a home based business. Some of the home based business are mentioned as follows.

  1. Tailoring:

Investment: 10,000-50,000

ROI: 2-3 years

Do you possess tailoring skills? If yes, then you can start up tailoring services as a home based business idea. If you don’t have the skills, but you are interested in this area then you can get training. Once you get the training, you can take orders for tailoring various kinds of clothes. That may be the shirt, pant, coat, blouse, kurtas, or any other dresses.

To go to an office, you need a uniform. In the same way, the proper dress code is essential for students, parties, work place and others. When it comes about the basic and daily need of human life, it is obvious that it has good demand. Furthermore, the skill you have can be imparted to other interested people. On one hand, it helps to make our work with the support of the learners. On the other hand, it helps to make additional income in terms of fees. So this service has the good market. Also, it can be done as home based. All you need is sewing machine and skill. And you can do it from your home.

  1. Online jobs:

Investment: 20,000-30,000

ROI: 8-20 months

home based business ideasWhenever we talk about home based business ideas, the online job comes on the top list. Many thanks to the internet that has made home based business possible in effective and efficient manner. We can find the unlimited opportunity for online jobs. You may either work for many online jobs as the content writer, blogger SEO, Freelancer and any other website, or you can start using your own online jobs for other. Thus, you can start the home based business in any way.

It is golden opportunity for you to use the internet in the best way to earn using your valuable skills and knowledge. All you need is share your views, ideas and thoughts with people on the internet. Of course, for the purpose desktop with the connection of internet is a must.

  1. Parlor:

Investment: 20,000-50,000

ROI: 6 months- 2years.

Another important home based business idea can be starting parlor at your home. If you are interested in hairstyling, make-ups, threading then you can earn using the same skills for the desired customers. You don’t need many things just make-up kits, thread for threading, scissors and clips for hair cutting. That’s it. People need threading, waxing, hair cutting regularly after the certain period of interval. All you need to do is retain the existing customers and attract new customers.

Losing existing customers means loss of revenue because making new customer in far more expensive than attracting new customers. With the pace of time, many more parlor services can be added. To maintain this business, you will definitely need to spread public consciousness that you have parlor at your home. This can be assisted through word of mouth, internet and sign boards.

  1. Writing:

Investment: 10,000-60,000

ROI: 1-3 years

Do you have passion in writing? Writing skill has a vast area. All you need to do is take pen and paper or open Microsoft word and start writing. Books may be anything novels, stories, jokes, poems. It can also be songs, drama, lyrics, or anything you possess.

The combination of your skills, experience, and knowledge can produce great creativity. On one hand, this helps you to make renowned at the national level. On the other hand, it helps you to serve your earning. You can upload your writing on the internet too. This adds to additional income to your earning.

  1. Laundry services

Investment 10,000-50,000

ROI: 8-18 months

You can also start laundry services as a home based business idea. For this, you can hire a washer and helper. In this rushed and busy world, people don’t have time to wash clothes. Many things are too difficult to wash like filled net sari, blankets, carpets and others. Laundry service is the solution to this problem.

As washing is regular human activity, you can get plenty of demand for getting clothes washed. Thus, this can be a good business to start up at the home level. Washing machine and iron are an important tool in this service.

  1. Typing

Investment: 10,000-30,000

ROI: 6- 18 months

You may not have great skills but if you are seeking to start a home based business, typing can prove to be the golden opportunity for you. It’s just simple to get started. In this computer age, typing has also got a good scope. Many books, reports, forms, essay and other documents require to be typed in soft copy form before printing.

Typing business can prove to be a boon for busy people who needs urgent typing for their work. Also, you can serve as typing employee for many online news channels, newspapers, and magazines. After completing your job, you can send it through email staying at your home. You can play different typing games to increase speed and accuracy in your typing skills.

  1. eBay business:

Investment: 10,000

ROI: 2-3months

eBay is the biggest online trading market. The reason behind popularity for eBay is you can sell anything listing the items in this site at anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, selling and buying is easy just using a few clicks. The items may be new or used products. That can be your used childhood clothes to electronic equipment or any other thing else.

Its specialty is that you can resell things, sell unwanted things or collect family members’ items and earn the dollar. There are millions of buyers and sellers in Ebay. Hence, you can get the quick response.

  1. Graphics designing services:

Investment: Above 10,000

ROI: 2-4months

It is also another important home based work. All you need to do is learn the graphics designing course. This basically includes software like Photoshop, Coral draw, and Freehand. Later you can start up home based work using the skill and knowledge. Today designing has great importance. Its need and demand are increasing rapidly.

For printing various forms to different offices and companies, you need graphics designing. Other perspectives of graphics designing are designing cards, logos, pamphlets, book cover, hoarding boards, bill’s format, certificates, stamps’ logos, prospectus, calendar and other innumerable printings that require the support of graphics designing. Designing is required in every sector today. From bank to business and education, ticketing, press, airlines, hotels and other unlimited sectors, graphic designing has major role and significance.

  1. Adult Literacy:

Investment: Above 10,000

ROI: 2-4months

Many people are deprived of basic level education due to various reasons. They may be seeking ways to get at least primary literacy through informal education program. Basic level education program can help them to gain ordinary reading and writing skills required for various purposes in day to day life. Lots of people who are illiterate are facing problems to carry out day to day life.  Adult literacy program can be an effective tool as a solution to this problem.

For this, you may need certain class room equipment like books, white-board and furniture. Higher the student, higher the income. Collect as many students as possible. Better you concentrate on providing quality education rather than profit. It is because profit automatically follows quality.

  1. Knitting:

Investment: 5,000-20,000

ROI: 6-18 months

Do you enjoy knitting? If yes, then knitting can be best home based business ideas for you. Some people find fun knitting in their leisure time. It can be done anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is learn making various patterns and knit using long needles. Mostly it is woolen based. The items are useful in winter. However you can knit during summer and sell the products in winter.

Learn knitting different styles, way and pattern. Add some novelty to it. You can weave and knit sweaters, gloves, socks, scarfs, mufflers and caps, table clothes, dish cloth and dresses for winter seasons. Price your product and market them for sale.


So did you make up your mind to choose any of above home based business ideas? Home based business ideas has many advantages for you over other types of business. The first thing is that you can do it anytime. In other words, you have flexible working hours. Similarly, since you are self-employed you are your own boss. How proud do you feel for this?

Business is meaningless without objectives. Focus on the prime goal and motive of your business. Allocate your time schedules and working hours for job. You may have generated many other ideas for home based business based on you know-how, skills and anything that you possess. But don’t jump into all home based at the same time. Focus on single one and do it with all your heart and mind. You are sure to succeed.