Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas In India

low cost business ideas

Business is not an easy task. Before starting any new business, you have to complete several processes and procedures. You must be dedicated, devoted, and committed if you want to be a great entrepreneur.  More than that, you cannot be a successful entrepreneur without planning. Planning is an essential tool for your success. Experts say that low cost business ideas cannot develop without proper planning and preparation.

Low cost business ideas develop from the hard work and truthful attempts by the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur’s responsibilities don’t end there, though, as inception of a company is just a beginning. For a bright future and solid development of a business, the small business company or low investment business owners should follow tactical business advice from experts and gurus.

As we all know, India is a country of young people.  At present, there is a large number of young professionals and graduates who want to earn money with the smallest investment possible. As India’s economy grows, many foreign investors from around the world have invested and want to invest their capital and resources in India.

The best possible way to get business ideas is through your own creativity, knowledge, capability, and strength. You must believe in yourself; if you do not, then you cannot lead yourself towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. Getting low cost business ideas is one of the easiest things to do, although working on and implementing these business ideas will be challenging for you. You must utilize your knowledge and abilities in order to achieve your goal.

India is the biggest platform for your career as an entrepreneur. If you are eager and passionate, then opportunity will definitely knock on your door. Here are some low cost business ideas and tips that will definitely help you to establish yourself as a great entrepreneur with minimal investment:

  • Come up with a business idea
  • Make a business plan
  • Go with business plan
  • Determine your potential market
  • Plan and estimate your budget
  • Plan time and place of marketing
  • Talk with your bank (if you do not have a sufficient amount of capital)
  • Approach family and friends
  • Make use of marketing and PR
  • Focus on customer service
  • Create a website
  • Purchase necessary equipment

low cost business ideasTop 10 low cost business ideas (India)

Liquor shop:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

If you have minimal capital to invest and want to establish any business, then a liquor store/shop is the best solution for you. A liquor shop is the best business for you in every possible way. However, you need a very low investment with a high chance of returning from your total investment.

If you’re talking about liquor, then you’re including wine, beer, champagne, vodka, soft drinks, and many other drinks. However, you must establish your liquor shop in a perfect location where you can earn fruitful results for your business.


You had better establish your liquor shop in a market place, rather than a remote area so customers can easily reach your liquor store.

Beauty Parlor:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1 year

If you have a low budget and want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you can open a beauty parlor. It is a perfect low cost business idea for you. There are many females in India who would love to open a beauty parlor and training center. India is a country of festivals and celebrations. We celebrate Diwali, Dusshera, and Krishnajanmasthmi throughout the year. People love to go to beauty parlors during the festival season, especially for weddings and other events.

You must hire a professional beauty designer in your beauty parlor. If you want to be successful in this business, then you must provide quality service to your customers.  You must commit towards your objectives.

Daycare Center:

Investment: 100000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

If you have a low budget and want to establish some business, then a daycare center is an excellent low cost business idea for you. The most attractive point of this business is that you can start it up from your own house.  More than that, you do not have to make a large investment on infrastructure. You will just have to acquire some toys, books, and other games for kids. More than that, you have to design your daycare center as per requirement of your kids. You have to be conscious and aware that kids should be away from electrical objects and devices.

What will you have to do?

  • Hire some trained Montessori teachers
  • Create a favorable and peaceful environment
  • Provide quality service

Dance Instructor:

Investment: 30000 above

ROI: 6 months-1 year

Dance and music are interrelated to us.  Everybody would love to be a dancer at least once in his or her life.  You can be a dance instructor or open a dance class, without investing a huge amount of capital. A small amount of capital is enough to be worthy and fruitful for you. More than that, dancing and music are in our culture; many parents want their children to learn how to dance from an early age.

Ultimately, I want to say that if you want to set up a career as a dance instructor, then you will have plenty of chances and opportunities.

Fitness Center

Investment:   50000 onwards

ROI:  1-2 year

What will you have to do?

If you are healthy and fit, then you can achieve your objective, but if are not, then you will fail in your life. Presently, everybody is conscious about his or her health and life. There are many people who spend their time working to get in perfect shape and achieve the perfect body.

Opening a fitness center can be really valuable for you. Additionally, you don’t have to invest a great amount of capital in it. You just have to bring some equipment, a trainer, and some staff. People are always excited to go to fitness centers for self-betterment.  Also, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Wiki really help to connect you with your potential customers.

Catering Service:

Investment: 100000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

If you have earned a hotel management degree and want to establish your own business rather than doing a job, then a catering service is the best business idea for you. You can open a catering service and settle down with your life.

In the major cities of India (Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Pune, Kanpur, Bangalore, etc.) catering services are very effective businesses. With low investment, you can earn satisfying return within a short frame of time. It does not matter how much capital you are going to invest; all that matters is your dedication, devotion, and commitment towards your job.

Suggestions and Advice:

If you want some business ideas, then you can take suggestions and advice from experts who are already doing well in catering businesses.

Sports shop and coaching center:

Investment: 100000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

Earlier in India, people thought that their child should be engineers, doctors, barristers, lawyers, business people, teachers, and others; they never thought that their children should be sports people.

Presently, many people pursue careers as a sports people. They want to be cricketers, football players, badminton players, tennis players, and others. Some of the greatest players of the world are born in India: Sachin Tendulkar (cricket), Sahina Mirza (tennis), Saina Nehwal (badminton)…and these are only a few.

If you are a good sports person and want to make your career as a sports coach, then this is good choice for you.

What will you have to do?

  • Rent a place where you can open your shop
  • Make arrangements for sports kit.
  • Get a ground to train students

Cooking Class:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 6 months-1 years

If you have positive business attitude and want to establish yourself as an entrepreneur, then opening a cooking class is a good idea for you. If you are a housewife and very good at cooking, then I believe running a cooking class will give you a very fruitful return with a very low investment.

Pet Care:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

If you love animals, then this business will be really fruitful and effective for you. If you take low cost business ideas from experts, then they will suggest you start a pet care business. In urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad, veterinary graduates open up pet care businesses in order to provide benefits and advantages to people who have pets.  I am promising you that this business will give a fruitful return of investment to you.

Home Decoration:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 year

Every house needs decoration and, if you are creative, motivated, and capable, then you can make a career as a home decorator.  India is the country of festivals and celebrations. During the festivals and wedding times, people love to decorate their homes. You do not have to invest a large amount of capital for it. It is the perfect low cost business idea for you.

This is an evergreen business idea; this business requires skill, creativity, and convincing power, too.  You also have to get the perfect location for your business. Location always matters for anyone. Your office should be near a residential market place.

In summary, I want to say that if you want to be an entrepreneur with a low investment, then India is the perfect destination for you.