Top 10 Online Business Ideas in India

online business ideas

India, being one of the biggest rising economies, opens prospects for a variety of business success. Same applies for online businesses as well. With rising use of internet and more people relying on the internet marketing, one can make a huge income without having the necessity of reaching doors to sell products or opening an office. Above that, you don’t need huge investments for your startup online business ideas in India.  The success of such business ideas is heavily supported by India’s population density and youth enrollment. A single idea can make you big if you can serve it into cities like Mumbai, where population density is huge because of the youth force chasing their dreams. You can also have these ideas as your part-time business if you have enough time and skills. Here is a list of top 10 online business ideas that can come to your use for starting in India:

Top 10 Online Business Ideas

Affiliate marketing:

Investment: 10000-20000

ROI- 6 months to 1 year

There is no scarcity of businessmen wanting to promote their products and services in any way possible. Why not come to their use for some commission! Get into an agreement with them for a commission against every product sold or every engagement entered because of you, or on any other basis. All it requires is sometimes on the internet to promote their products. If you have a blog with a wide readership or a website with a big access, it can be helpful. With their promotion increases your business. Remember, India has a far wider readership for online products and services these days.

Venture capitalism definer:

Investment: 10,000-15,000

ROI- 1 year

online business ideasWith a population of over 100 crores, there is no shortage of new and unique business ideas in India. Especially with high-income prospects, India is open to uniqueness. Similarly, there is also no lack of people wanting to invest for those ideas for earning a passive income on other’s performance. However, not all the people with brilliant business ideas have enough capital to materialize their dreams. Why not make the ones willing to invest meet the ones needing capital? With a reasonable level of networking with people having money, you can launch your personal site where people with ideas can search for people with money. You can be a middleman for some commission against establishing such contract of venture capitalism.

Business Consultant:

Investment: 10,000-15,000

ROI: 2 years

If you have a reasonable level of knowledge about business prospects and contingent factors, in general, businesses, but don’t have an interest enough to open an office on rent, just make yourself available on the internet. It can be best for people willing to utilize their knowledge for some extra income. Make your business related skills count by helping others start a business or manage an ongoing business, through the internet for some cash. The online form of the business consultancy is beneficial above the traditional practice when it comes up to time constraints. Moreover, you will require a less capital outflow.

Ecommerce store for old books:

Investment: 30,000-50,000

ROI: 1-2 years

There are over 1.3 million schools in India. The number of students is in geometric proportion to that of the number of schools. With the passing of every year, a set of books turns useless for a student. How about creating a platform where the prospective buyers can meet the sellers of the books! You can initiate a location-based trade of books online where you don’t necessarily need to function home delivery or advertisement of books. You can use the same platform for books other than the textbooks as well. Remember, with the huge density of empowering youths willing to study, India shows itself promising in this online business idea.

Sell photos online:

Investment: 20,000-30,000

ROI: 1-2 years

With the posting of pictures and photos in social networking sites being a huge trend, it’s reasonable to say that people have developed an enormous craze in photos. How wonderful it would be if you can make people buy the photos you click! All it needs is some basic skills of photography. Get your camera and use your spare time for the thing that you had been doing just for entertainment. Click photos and make it available on the internet for sale. With beauty being a subjective term, you will basically have to find people who really like your pictures and are willing to buy it. It is one of those business ideas where your interest on the business rises with every sale of the picture. The investment figure above includes the cost of a good camera apart of the internet and website costs.

Write to earn:

Investment: 3,000-5,000

ROI: 3-4 months

Many businesses which can’t afford a full-time writer for their advertisement through articles keep remaining in search of people who can do it. Above that, some website based businesses highly depend on the readership and engagements in their website. If you are good at writing, you can turn out to be useful to them against some cash. Use your spare time to write for them and earn a passive income. You can make the same idea a big one by finding more than one client and increasing the writers under you, to design an organizational structure. This helps the business to run with an integrated effort while ensuring the return on investment at the same time. Be the boss of the organization and earn huge, online.

Online assistant:

Investment: 6,000-8,000

ROI: 4-6 months

Big businesses will obviously hire a full-time assistant for some technical or advisory jobs. But this is costly for medium size businesses while the need of such assistant is equally important for them as well. You can turn out helpful to them by making yourself available for jobs that an assistant would do in an office like managing travel, meetings, social media management and so on. All these are things that can be done online. You can make yourself a virtual form of an assistant if you have reasonable skills in such activities. This requires really less time commitment if you have a proper knowledge of the job specifications. Above that, it requires just some networking and a very less investment.

House on rent:

Investment: 3,000-4,000

ROI: 2-4 months

Being focused on cities in India where there is a high concentration of people migrating from other areas to struggle, you can find many problems. One of the biggest of such problems is finding a room on rent. Every migrant won’t have somebody in relation to offering them accommodation. Moreover, it’s a challenging job to find a good house owner. You can create an online platform where the house owners can keep specifications about their house room. You can feed that information to those wanting rooms, online. The success of such business ideas in cities like Mumbai alone, the city of dreams, can give you a huge turnover. Keeping a healthy relation to customers is up to you, as they may come into use time and again.

Web designing:

Investment: 5,000-8,000

ROI: 1-2 months

If you have some basics at web designing and a good knowledge of designs, it can be of a good use to earn by making websites for others. There are a plenty of businessmen wanting a website for their businesses. Especially when the number of firms is rising and the reliance on the internet is rising at the same rate, your skills at web designing can be sold at a wonderful price. Getting into competition with several web designers out there will give you an ease to survive and make this business huge. It is one of those business ideas where one good design is itself an advertisement to the rest of the clients out there.



Investment: 1,000-2,000

ROI: 4-6 months

You-tubing has been one of the most common but highly efficient forms of an online activity. If you are willing to convert your You-tubing habit into a business, you can also earn from this activity. Having a high number of views and subscribers helps you earn cash and fame both. Above that, you can give some space for advertisement in your YouTube channel against some cash. This is one of those online business ideas where the equal amount of fun is mixed with earning. With every subscriber, the rate of subscription in your channel goes on increasing, thus making your business big.


These are 10 of the top online business ideas in India which you can con. India is open to a prospective success in these ideas, however, your dedication, commitment, and passion is equally important for the success. Needless to say, ideas other than above can also be implemented in the form of online business ideas if you have the real passion for doing it and you see high prospects of success as well. You might want to keep these ideas as a part-time business as well by getting it done through others. This saves you time to get involved in other sources of profit generation as well. However, these ideas are promising enough to make you chose these as your single permanent businesses. It’s up to you to make these ideas huge and perform in a large scale.