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How Start a Travel Agency Business in India?

Travel Agency Business

It’s the tourism and travel industry that has boomed to an exponential level in India. This industry is also known as the biggest industries at this part of the world. There are many people in this country who depend greatly on this industry to find their bread and butter. With time this industry has also managed to develop quality employment opportunities for people in India. There are many tourist places in India which are frequently visited by the tourists. These tourist places are located across the nation. This is a nation, which is very vast and people want to visit various corners of the country and that is the best part about it. This gives you a very good option for growing and that will make things much better for your business.

Not only people residing in this country are visiting these places but also people from foreign lands are having a great attraction towards these places. This sort of inclination towards the travel industry is what propelling more and more interested people to start a travel agency in India. Travelling is a growing business lots of people are wanting to travel related to their professional commitment or holidays and it could be for various other reasons, if you have a good list of clientele who is interested, then the growth of business is very good. Once you serve your clients well then things will be very good. It is also about service this is a service oriented business and that will really changes the way you take things ahead.

start a travel agency business in indiaIf you think, it’s that easy then you are wrong. There are already many leading travel agencies operating in this country. They have earned a good reputation and drawing attention of many people with time. They are into this business for last several years. So, when you will start the same sort of business, you need to keep the competition level in mind. Just believe that it will remain too high for you! So, you need to prepare yourself accordingly. In order to stay tuned in this business and to defeat the competition level, you need to equip yourself with proper knowledge and plans. There are also regulations and taxation like elements that you can come across while starting such a business.

Choosing the right business entity

There are different business entities that can draw attention of a travel agent. It’s your business plan that plays a very important role in terms of tracing the right fit for you. There are travel agents who prefer to go for a PVT Ltd company/ with this type of company you will be able to offer your services online as well. Some others may want to go for the One Person Company or Limited Liability Partnership. These two plans are best for those who want to grow their business slowly and steadily. It is very important that you keep in mind the best option and based on your needs form an enterprise and once you sure things will be very different. So many people are not sure about the right kind of entity they should have for their business and once you are sure that one type of business is the best then you can go in for it.

The type of services

Once this is decided, you need to decide the type of travel agency services you want to offer your clients. As far as the travel services are concerned, you can offer transportation arrangements, hotel bookings, and reservations at the resorts. You can also offer services like booking cruise packages as well as specialized traveling packages to the clients. Some may prefer to specialize in offering family travel packages, corporate travel, senior travel and academic travel in order to set the business as a distinct one in the travel and tourism industry. You need to decide the niche you want to cater through and once you do that then things will be much better there are lots of people who are getting into this business and the competition level is also very high and that help a great deal, to improve your service. Since if the service is not good things will not be very good and growth will go off. There are lots of people who take up a franchisee of some travel company and run it, so if you do not have a good knowledge in this field then going the route of franchisee is a very good option and that will really help you take things forward. So, what are you waiting for just go ahead and make things easy for yourself by picking up a good option.

Place for business operation

Well, you can do this type of business from home or you can rent a place. If you want to rent a space, then always move for the space that is located at a suitable location and have a suitable parking area. It’s the space you choose should be equipped with a large working area so that you can handle clients, install computers, marketing materials and required furniture. If you decide to work from the comfort of your home, then you should have the computer installed and the storage space should be there for the marketing materials and other required accessories. This is a very important thing and if you have it on road or near some railway station, things will be very better and so will be the business.

Take help of the internet

It’s the internet that can really help you in many ways to reach for more clients. Upload a website and potential clients will reach for you easily. In that website you should add your contact details and the services details to let the potential clients know what you can offer. Add the travel packages and discounts to attract more clients through your website.

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