Top 10 Unique Business Ideas in India

unique business ideas

Business is as old as human civilization; in fact the existence of business has made our life possible. Either by the barter system of the traditional business era or with the exchange of money in the modern era, business has not only supplied the things we want but also has had a huge impact on how much a country earns in terms of GDP or GNP.

We all are aware of how big the Indian market is as it continues to grow as one of the biggest business hubs in the world. The Indian market has seen a great revolution over the past few decades. There are only a handful of things which are not traded in the Indian market, products ranging from Agarbatti to costly cars or airbuses are examples of things produced in India.

Advancement of technology and the greater dynamism which comes along with the globalization of business accompanied by technological dynamism, have made the business sector more intensified. The dynamism has also provided greater growth opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and work smart. But when we speak about business it is not necessarily something that should be large or need a massive investment. In fact we can start a business with a small amount of capital and work hard on it to make it grow.

The top 10 unique business ideas in India

1. Agarbatti Industry

Investment:  90,000-5,000,000
ROI:  1.5 years

If you are looking for an investment in India on a small scale and is in high demand in the Indian market, the agarbatti industry could be a good area to invest in.

Why is Incense Industry (Agarbatti Factory) a success in India?

Have you ever thought of the daily demand of agarbatti in India? Where the majority of population is Hindu, establishing an agarbatti industry can be a unique business idea. Agarbatti is used in meditation, worships and yoga and there are already over 10,000 industries where 200 are well established and 50 are branded. The cost of a machine starts at 90,000 to 500, 0000 and a high quantity of agarbattis are demanded on a daily basis. A medium scale machine could produce up to 145,000 sticks of agarbatti per year.

unique business ideasWhat you will need to do:

So if you are planning to invest in the agarbatti industry select a suitable location and start your business. You also need to make sure that your product can be trusted in terms of quality.

2. Day Care center

Investment:  50,0000 onward
ROI:  1 year

The world of employment has seen a great transformation in recent times, traditionally only men worked outside the home and women would deal with household work. But with the change over time and an increasing number of educated women, this world is becoming more complex. This has affected work life balance and created challenges for raising children. If you are looking for a unique business idea in India, a day care center can be one of the best ideas.

What you will need to do:

Rent a place where you can have a small play space and can accommodate more than 10-12 children and you can start a day care center with a small amount of capital. Make sure you buy enough toys and you also can hire trained personnel. You need to make sure you are located in area where the population of working women is considerably high. You also need to make sure that you follow all the legal requirements to open a day care center.

As day care centers are in high demand these days, you have a huge opportunity to grow in the future. Don’t forget that most of the large businesses were initially small startups.

3. Uniform Industry

Investment: 20,000 onward
ROI: 7-8 months

Uniform production can also be unique business to start and doesn’t require a lot of investment. We all know that uniforms are mandatory in schools and some colleges as well.

What you will need to do:

You can start by establishing contact with schools in the area which you find most suitable for investment. Since startup costs are low and machines can also be purchased at low price a uniform business can also attract those with small amounts of capital. You need to make sure that quality comes along with durability of the dresses you produce. You also need to have range of size from XXS to XXL; you can offer school athletic wear, skirts, paints, plaid jumpers, shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters. Make sure that you assemble logos of schools around the area that you are located in.


If possible, provide customers with options such as telephone or online ordering and make yourself available year round.

4. Fast food Restaurant with an Indian touch

Investment:  50,000 onward
ROI:  2 years

If you are planning to invest in India, a restaurant can also be a good area to invest. The startup costs can be as low as 50,000 and can ensure enough assets for a small scale fast food restaurant.

What you will need to do:

You may have to hire personnel who have training in the field of fast food making. Your menu might include burgers, pizzas, mo:mos, French fries, hotdogs, Chips, and cold drinks. If you want to make your business idea unique, you can give your fast food restaurant, an Indian touch with Indian fast food items such as dosas, parathas, Samosas, Idlis, Bhajis, Upmas, chaats, and so on. People these days are more conscious towards healthy eating, so you need to make sure that you provide a clean eating area, hygienic food preparation and also home delivery services.

If your food items are clean and hygienic you will attract good business which indeed must be accompanied by affordable price.

5. Jewelry Shop

Investment: 4-5 Lakhs onward
ROI: 2.5-3 years

Why is Jewelry Shop a success in India?

Investment in a jewelry shop in India will surely not disappoint, as jewelry is a big part of Indian culture. In India, jewelry is a source of pride and has been for a long time. It also has religious purpose, is used in marriage ceremonies and Indian women just love to accumulate jewelry. The jewelry industry itself creates a yearly GPD of 6-7 percent in India and can be started on a small scale. You have to register your jewelry shop, and it takes approximately 7 days of training to learn jewelry making.

It can be one of the unique business ideas in India. You could start an online store for your shop and deliver the product to customers and this would add great convenience.

6. Tiffin box delivery

Investment: 15,000 onward
ROI: 5 months

A tiffin box delivery business can also be one of the areas where you can invest a small amount of capital and achieve growth. It can be one of the unique business ideas, where you can gain happy customers by supplying them with their lunch at their respective workplaces. Generally people at work are frustrated after working for hours so they definitely do not want to stay hungry over the lunch hour.

What you will need to do:

Start your business by building up a network with organizations in the area you are located and make sure that you deliver fresh food, on time so as to gain customer satisfaction.

Since startup costs are minimal the break even period is two months and you can have a gross profit of 20 percent monthly.

7. Taxi Cab

Investment: 2,00,000 onward
ROI: 3 years

Marketing describes about how desires can change into wants and how wants in turn are changed into needs. All these things in turn are shaped by the information or knowledge level of people. People in India know very well about the difficulties of travelling by public transport. People are also aware of the advantages of taking taxis rather than a private car. So a taxi cab business in India has huge growth opportunity.

What you will need to do:

First of all, you need a finance company to give you funds for your business if you don’t have enough capital. You need to make sure that you hire well trained drivers and also make yourself available 24 hours a day. Give a unique touch to your business by providing customers with the option of an online booking. Make yourself available at airports, railway stations, bus stations and market places to provide better services than that of the traditional yellow taxis.

8. Greeting cards

Investment: 5,000 onward
ROI: 3-4 months

Greeting cards businesses can be started with a very low investment and it may be a unique business idea if you are creative. This business is unique in a sense that it is related to your creativity, the demand for greeting cards is always high during the festive seasons in India. In recent times chocolate industries have established a chocolate culture during the festive seasons in India but greetings cards still hold a special area of attraction in the market.

With information technology booming there are several online greetings on the internet but tangible greetings card make a special impression. So what are you waiting for? If you are creative don’t worry about capital because its unique nature allows you to start the business with low capital and is also flexible in terms of the time. And yes, if you grow big you need to walk an extra mile i.e. invest more time and effort.

9. Home decorations

Investment: 60,000 onward
ROI: 1-1.5 year

Have you ever thought of having a home decoration business? It might sound silly right? But home decorations with an Indian touch can be unique business idea. The startup investment is very low if you are skilled in this field and if you don’t have enough skill you can hire some skilled manpower.

So if you have skills and a small amount of capital, start it in your community or colony. Let people know about your skills, decorate their homes with some Indian culture.

The startup cost can be as low as 60,000 with all the coloring items and equipment you need. People are fond of decorating their house with vases, figurines, chimes and so on. Businesses of such kind are done on the basis of skill, so let the artist inside you speak out and the business will follow.

10. Digital Photography

Investment: 20,000 onward
ROI: 9-10 months

Have you ever heard or read about Indian Entrepreneur Sandeep Maheshwari? He is the CEO of which has a yearly turnover of 10.2 crore. His site has around 11,500 photographs from all over India and he is just 32 years of age. The reason for writing about him is to tell you that he was just 19 years old when he established his photo studio. This of course was one of the unique business ideas in 2000.

So if you have interest in the field of photography, start a business. You don’t need to have huge amount of capital, you just need a camera and a studio accompanied by a month of training to start out. It would be popular especially in cities where rush ID services are sought.

Remember that every business starts with an idea, if you have an idea which is unique, let the idea speak out and work hard and smart.