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7 Ways to Promote Your Business Effectively

Your brilliant business idea has found ground, and you are all ready to take on the market. But how do you do that? Is launching a never-seen-before product or service enough? Will people automatically flock to your stores or website? Will you be sold out within months because your business is just so unique? That sounds magical because it is.

No matter how one-of-a-kind your business idea is, it’s zilch without promotion. No one knows what you’ve created unless you push it and make it very noticeable. And to do that, you need world-class marketing. There are tried and tested ways to promote a business, but sometimes you need to be innovative too. Sounds like a huge mental burden? We have solved your worry with our comprehensive list of business promotion ideas.

promote your business

7 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business:

  1. Local Listings
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Go live via Periscope
  4. Start an affiliate program
  5. Blogging
  6. Host Virtual and Physical Events
  7. Put Ads on Reddit

Below we tell you how to promote business through a range of cool marketing methodologies:

1. Local Listings

local listings

A significant chunk of your leads will be the local traffic that comes your way. And to ensure this traffic, you need to be visible locally. To do that, register yourself on local listings of search engines and other directories.

These local listings will lead customers to even your physical office and bring you an offline promotion to some extent. Find out which listing services are the most popular in your area, and get your business registered on them ASAP.

 2. Email Marketing

email marketing

After an organic search, email is the second most important channel for customer acquisition. And while search engine rankings and organic traffic are time-consuming tasks, email starts working immediately. That is why you should use email to promote your business.

Don’t spend all your time writing and emailing. Make things easier by setting up a series of automated campaigns designed to help you generate more sales. There are excellent options to boost these campaigns’ success, such as sending emails to new subscribers and offering them a purchase incentive. Try sending an email to those who have entered your store but have abandoned their shopping cart. Email marketing also includes reminding them to finish the transaction.

3. Go Live Via Periscope

ads via periscope

While Periscope is a relatively new social network, it has proven its marketing potential. Many business owners are currently promoting their brand through this live streaming tool. People who use it endorse its excellence, so you should start paying attention to it immediately before its use becomes widespread.

There are many ways to use Periscope to promote a product. For example, you can use Periscope to offer a sample of your product, answer questions through a question and answer session, and even take clients behind the scenes, where you show them a particular aspect of how you do things.


4. Start an Affiliate Program

If you’re having trouble generating sales and don’t have enough money to hire help, consider adding an affiliate program to your online store or website. You can get other people to promote your products for a commission. You will only have to pay them if they make a sale.

Affiliate programs work as follows: a custom URL is created for each person promoting your products. They can share it on social networks or in a blog post where they review your product; it can be shown even on YouTube. If the client clicks on the link, it will be possible to track which URL it comes from and which person generated the sale.

5. Blogging


One of the hardest parts of starting a new business is promoting a product when you don’t have an audience. If you haven’t built your community, you can pay to drive traffic to your website or appeal to someone else’s audience until you have your own. Contacting bloggers is a great way to build prestige around your products and be face-to-face with interested buyers. Ask influential bloggers to review your product. If their audience trusts their opinion, they can drive traffic and sales to your business.

You can set up your own blog website and post articles on the latest topics. Nowadays, many free website building apps and domains are available. To name some- Wix, Network Solutions, Square Space, and Site 123. Follow the steps below to start your own blogging website:

  1. Select a perfect niche for your blog.
  2. Next, a suitable blogging platform needs to be chosen.
  3. Choose a domain name.
  4. Design your blog using automated tools and templates.
  5. At last, write and publish your blog content.

6. Host Virtual and Physical Events

hosting virtual and physical event

Interacting with your audience directly is one of the best ways to get noticed. And for that, hosting online or in-person events is a great option. It can be an extravagant product launch, an anniversary celebration, an inauguration, or simply a conference about your product. Such events, if marketed well, will directly speak to your customers and make your brand memorable.

Plan your brand’s next event on a big day or a landmark location to make it even more noticeable. Make sure to send several emails and reminders to your existing customers asking them to participate because they will be the ones to spread the word. And if possible, make it as fun as possible for new leads.

7. Put Ads on Reddit

reddit ads

While most businesses don’t use Reddit ads, they can be quite effective. Sometimes, the least used promotional channel is the most profitable because its cost is lower, and there are more opportunities to stand out.

Try to advertise on Reddit to promote your product. You can create a sponsored post on the subreddits related to your business. Use it to talk about your product and offer a discount. The key is to ensure that it blends in with the other subedits where you are posting it.

In Conclusion

We hope the above-listed ways let you know how to promote a business effectively for greater revenue. You have to be patient as you systematically follow the above tips and come up with more of your own. No business becomes a star overnight, and no marketing method will magically bring you leads. However, consistent online and offline promotional efforts in the right direction will surely boost your sales over time.  

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